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The Calhoun Street Promenade
Promenade Street

While the recession really took a toll on the Calhoun Street Promenade, businesses are coming back and booming. With new buildings and businesses, the street has almost an urban feel with a variety of restaurants, shops and specialty shops.

Heyward House
70 Boundary Street

Built as a summer home foe a local plantation owner in 1841, the Cole-Heyward House is one of only eight antebellum houses remaining in Bluffton.
It is a perfect example of the Carolina farmhouse style brought from the West Indies and popularized during the Colonial period just before the Civil War. It served as a retreat for John J. Cole and his family to escape the summer heat, insects and disease that infected plantations in the long summer months. The Heyward family owned the home from the 1880’s to 1998.
The home has maintained its original architecture and structure over the past 170 years, remaining virtually identical to its original appearance. Its well-preserved condition has made it part of an official project of the Save American’s Treasures Program; it also serves as the official welcome center for the town of Bluffton.

The Church of The Cross

110 Calhoun StreetThis historic Episcopal Church is located on Calhoun Street in the heart of Bluffton. It was built in 1857 with fanned arches and latticed shutters. Federal troops destroyed much of the town in 1863, but the church was spared, allowing the original architecture to remain to this day-although a hurricane did damage the building in 1898. The church has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1975.
Old Town Bluffton

You don’t want to miss historic Bluffton near the May River for some of the most unique shopping and dining in the Low-country. It’s all blended with colorful and creative art galleries, history up and down local streets and dining for lunch and dinner in charming settings. Flower boxes and rocking chairs, fun garden art and sculptures, a cat or a dog lounging on a front porch store entrance and lots of smiles await you.

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