Coligny PlazaThe past 60 years have seen, to put it mildly, incredible change on Hilton Head Island. And Coligny has been there through all of it. Starting as a single corner market, Forest Beach Market, Coligny’s story begins on an island with just a single-lane dirt road and no bridge. Just six short decades later and that little market has kept pace with the island’s growth to serve as downtown to a bustling resort paradise.A journey like that deserves a celebration. And Hilton Head Island’s downtown, home to some of the island’s best dining, shopping and entertainment, has put together a 60th birthday blowout of historic proportions.

The festivities kick off Sept. 12 with a daylong extravaganza that people will be talking about until it’s time to start planning the 70th birthday.

Monty Jett, an island icon in his own right, will serve as emcee from 4 to 7 p.m. at Coligny’s center stage, keeping fun rolling, leading the crowd through shag lessons and handing out prizes from Coligny’s shops and vendors.

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